AOL Desktop Gold error 104

How to fix AOL Desktop Gold error 104?

Are you facing AOL error code 104 every time you are trying to download AOL Desktop Gold? Does your screen display a message showing “AOL Desktop Gold Download has encountered a problem and needs to close? We are sorry for the inconvenience”. If yes, then you should read this blog and implement the instructions that follow to fix AOL Desktop Gold Error 104.

Look at the symptoms which indicate AOL Download error

  • When this error occurs, the software’s setup file closes down all of a sudden, and the users are left with the broken file extension
  • Your operating system freezes for a fraction of settings
  • The system doesn’t respond to the command of the mouse or keyboard
  • The Windows respond sluggishly

Do you what are the causes behind AOL Error 104?

If you perform a corrupt download of the software, this error is bound to occur. Above all, it can also damage your system in a way. Take a glimpse at different reasons shared below so that you can avoid it in the future

  • Attack by a malware or virus which has corrupted the Windows System File
  • The Windows registry system is damaged due to some downloads

Methods to fix AOL Gold Error 104

Troubleshoot this error by following the different methods shared below

Examining the system compatibility

Did you check your software’s compatibility with the system? If not, then do it once and see whether the system fulfills the basic requirements

An operating system with

  • Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • 266 MHz speed processor
  • 512 MB free disk space
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 4.5.2 Net Framework
  • Fast and robust net connection
  • 1024 X 768 screen resolution

Clear/Clean your system

Does your system has accumulated the junk from the browser, and you have not cleared your folder? This could slow down your PC performance and thereby create hassles in downloading AOL Desktop Gold

  • Clear the web browser’s history, cookies, and cache
  • Empty the recycle bin
  • Clear all the temporary files lying unused

Update the system drivers

If you have not installed the latest software updates, it can lead to a particular error. Make sure that you update your system driver and then download AOL Desktop Gold

Update Windows

Do you know that if you do not update the Windows, it can prevent you from downloading AOL Desktop Gold? Follow the steps given here

  • Click on the Windows Start button
  • Search for update
  • Look for Windows update. If available, install the same on your device

Perform a Windows System File Checker

You should check your system for any corrupt files which can damage the process. For that, follow the procedure shared:

  • Open the Start Menu of the system
  • Type Command in the search box. Hold Control, Shift and Enter key together
  • A run dialog box opens. Click on Yes.
  • A black screen window opens. You can see a blinking cursor
  • Type ‘sfc’ and then click on Okay or press Enter

For any errors or grievances, AOL Desktop Gold support answers all the queries effectively. The techies are well- researched and provide technical solutions.

And If, you are facing any problems in AOL Desktop Gold download than Contact on our AOL Support Number +1-855-212-5748.